Ethiopia Natural Anaerobic

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  • This coffee is very unique! Natural anaerobic fermentation is an innovative coffee processing method where coffee cherries are kept in a closed container with no oxygen so that the fermentation process is accelerated, intensifying flavors, making them richer and juicier than any standard coffee.
  • This coffee is grown at the GERA Estate which focuses on sustainability; no chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used. The Estate provides housing, childcare and education, clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare, and recreational facilities for all of its employees, free of charge. Notes of fermented grapefruit & starburst.
  • The Gera Estate

    Dire K'alu, Djimma Region, Ethiopia


    1880m - 2180m
    Ethiopian Heirloom
    Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

  • Light  Roast

    A light roast coffee with high acidity, full body and very high sweetness.

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