Peru El Ciprez

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  • Northern Peru is legendary for producing coffee with bright, rich flavors. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” yield some of the best developed flavor profiles in the world.
  • El Ciprez is a small family run farm located in Huabal, Peru adjacent to a protected forest and the majestic Chorro Blanco waterfall. The trek to the farm is nothing short of impressive as it is accessible only by foot or horseback via a 30 – 40 minute hike through beautiful mountainous terrain from the village of Agua Colorada. 

    The fully ripened cherries are hand-picked, wet-processed and allowed to gradually sun-dry on concrete patios for 7-12 days. The resulting parchment is then driven to a dry-mill in Puira Peru, where it is hulled and the green beans undergo a meticulous sorting procedure.
  • This coffee reveals focused, bright, winey, red-fruit notes that we love. This microlot is a limited release.
  • Peru

    Huabal, Peru


    Fully Washed

  • Medium Roast

    A balanced medium roast for this coffee highlights its brightness while bringing a full and satisfying body to the finish.

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