About Us

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Located in a 19th Century barn alongside the scenic Pennsylvania Tow Path, just steps from the Delaware River, we’ve been roasting coffee with passion since 2006.  We carefully and conscientiously source our beans, continually tasting & refining our selections to ensure they live up to our highest standards.  We work with small farms and cooperatives, to help grow small business. We provide equipment, customer service and unsurpassed support to our wholesale partners, offering classes, literature, and promotions to empower those we work with to stand apart with their coffee program.

Our business philosophy rests in the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy delicious coffee. Our growth depends on the strong relationships with our Homestead Coffee community, relationships that we value to no end. That is the number one reason why we never compromise on our ideals or standards of quality.

By investing in our partners and using environmentally friendly packaging, we create better relationships with the earth and each other.


Michael Lewis organic certified coffee roaster

Michael Lewis


Michael spent the first years of the company’s life building and strengthening his knowledge of coffee. From origin to roast to brew method, he listened to the community and his own palate to craft what makes our coffees stand out. He now sources our green coffee and is in charge of wholesale business relations. He strives to bring together the best the coffee world has to offer.

Katie Kime

Production Manager

Katie is a New Jersey native who loves to travel. She spent four years nestled in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest absorbing the culture of wilderness solitude and third wave coffee. She loves yoga and poetry and views roasting coffee as an expression of both. She is passionate about the process of transforming green beans into their most delicious and aromatic potential, as well as the offering of comfort and repose that trickles down into each steaming cup.

Leigh Marino

Social Media/Content Manager

Leigh has a background in filmmaking  and still photography. She is excited about exploring and sharing the stories that exist behind the Homestead brand – who we are and where we came from – also what we’re up to now and the relationships that we’re creating today. She helps us to bring our visions to life, and strives to help strengthen and deepen our connection with our community. She also creates the artistry behind our product packaging and labeling.

Trevor Lewis, our organic coffee roaster using Probat coffee roaster

Trevor Lewis


Trevor is a consummate craftsman. He spent many years working in fine carpentry and woodworking, taking meticulous care of the finest details. He has turned his pursuit of crafting the best into the artistry of sourcing and roasting coffee. Trevor continues to challenge himself by consistently tasting, refining, honing and perfecting Homestead’s coffee selection.

Nate Walker

Production Assistant

Nate is the newest addition to our team. A musician and father with a background in sustainable farming, Nate is excited to be immersed in the coffee business, learning all he can learn.