April 24, 2024

Why We Work Exclusively With Small Farms

Why We Work Exclusively With Small Farms

You may see the line "Small Farm Sourced" and wonder - why is that important?

There are a few reasons, actually, and today we'll share why we feel that it's so important to do so, that we only source our coffee from small farms, exclusively.

Firstly, purchasing from small farms and cooperatives (cooperatives are a larger entity made up of small farms working together) allows the beans to be traceable. This means we can know exactly where our coffee was grown, by whom, and how. 

This ensures that we can source the highest quality beans possible. 

And why does a small farm generally produce better quality beans? Because similarly to us, small farmers tend to live on the land that they farm. Their families live with them, they are invested in tending to their land, caring for their soil, their animals, the people, the environment and larger community within which they live. 

Also, investing in these small businesses allows our dollar to go further. Paying higher than fair trade prices gives very real families more resources to grow and creates health and optimism in traditionally poor regions. This allows us (and you!) to have a greater impact with every dollar spent.

Finally, small farms tend to produce a larger variety of things, not just coffee but other crops, even if just for their family to eat. This has a positive relationship with overall biodiversity. The larger variety of organisms or crops you have there, the larger variety of wildlife you’re going to have.

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