June 24, 2014

French Press Brewing

French Press Brewing

The most well-known “immersion” method, the french press, is a true classic and is still one of the best ways to create a cup of coffee with big bodied flavor.

Step 1

Find the volume of your french press. Fill it up with water until it’s “comfortably full” then pour that into a measuring cup to find out how many ounces it holds.

Step 2

For every 4 ounces of water, you want to use 1 tablespoon of coarse ground coffee. Place the ground coffee in the bottom of the press.

Step 3

With 200-degree water (30 seconds rest after boiling) pour enough water into the press to saturate the grinds and form a small pool. Stir the grinds into the water and wait 30 seconds.

Step 4

Pour in the rest of the water and give the grinds a final stir into the liquid.

Step 5

Place the plunger on top of the coffee and press only far enough to immerse the grinds into the liquid. Let steep for 4-5 minutes. You may enjoy letting your grinds steep longer – experiment with future brews!

Step 6

Slowly push the plunger to the bottom and stop just as you meet resistance between the grinds and the plunger head.

Step 7

Pour your coffee and enjoy!