August 28, 2017

Small Farm Sourced

Small Farm Sourced

In the great big world of coffee (the 2nd largest industry in the world) we are ultimately a pretty small player. We're pretty happy about that, and it's a critical reason why we like to, and are even able to, work with other small businesses. For us that means working with family farms and small cooperatives (bands of local farmers pooling their yields to sell together).

Large operations typically need uniformity for their mass volume, which usually means very large estates or commodity coffees. Striking a sweet-spot in between micro and macro size, we purchase 90%+ of our coffee from single farms and small cooperatives. Sustaining continuous relationships over our 12 year history has often let us all grow together.

Seeing and hearing about successes in communities in Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia has been incredible. Our Honduran COMSA coop partnership has been going for 4 years, Rwanda Misozi for 8 years, and Flores Komodo for 5 years.

Watching the quality grow at the farm level fuels our fire to be better as the roaster, and to share the stories of our coffees.