January 19, 2016

This Year's Journey

This Year's Journey

As we look ahead this year, the vibe around here is one of excitement. 2015 was a transformative year for Homestead – one that saw growth, evolution and new challenges. Those new challenges are causing us to venture into uncharted territory: bringing in new help around the roasting process & into the greater business makeup.

We are looking forward to bringing in new personalities with artistic flair, a passion for coffee, and a passion for life. Our web content will blossom significantly this year and all the happenings around here will be better broadcast.

A few years ago we went through an enormous change in our look as my brother and I took the reigns of Homestead and started to make it our own. This year, that bridge will be crossed completely and more sweeping changes will transpire. We’re really excited for it, and we think you will be too.

As a small business inside a fast-growing, venture capital infused industry, we are doubling down on our resolve to work more closely, and more transparently with small-scale farmers. I feel the small roasters of the world are the ones who can do it without a tinge of hypocrisy – small farm to small roaster in partnership.

We’ve also decided to continue our Organic Certified status. It isn’t cheap, and isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to independently verify the coffee is what it says it is – better for the environment, and ethically sourced. Thanks for the support & trust you’ve placed in us with every bag of coffee that goes out the door. We are honored to be your roaster.